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Water Tank Techs is dedicated to restoring rainwater harvesting systems to optimum condition. With over a decade of experience in manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance, Water Tank Techs partners with Australia’s premium suppliers of rainwater harvesting products to provide industry benchmark solutions to restoring your system to full health and operating capacity.

Services include:

  • Water Tank Cleaning
  • Pump Service, Repair and Upgrade
  • Water Tank System Supply and Installation
  • Installation of Filtration Systems and Pre-Tank Water Quality Devices
  • Rainwater Harvesting System Condition Reports

Call 0422 142 563, email to or complete the enquiry form to contact Craig Reading for advice or to make a booking for a FREE inspection of your system.

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Water Tank Cleaning

Your rainwater tank fills with sludge and algae over time, tainting your water with colour and odour and damaging your pump and the appliances to which it is connected.

Water Tank Techs will restore your rainwater back to top condition.

Pump Service, Repair & Upgrade

Your pump is a critical component of your rainwater harvesting system.  Make sure it is operating efficiently and to specifications.

Water Quality Devices

There are many simple things you can do to make sure of good clean water entering the water tank.

Clean water in, clean water out!


Post-pump filtration is the final step in guaranteeing only clean, clear water from your water tank.

Find the right filtration for your rainwater harvesting system.

FREE Inspection & Report

Water Tank Techs is offering FREE inspections & Reports of rainwater harvesting systems to all property owners.  Contact Water Tank Techs to make a booking, whether you have an issue with your current system or would just like to know more about how it works.

(Tenants may request a FREE Inspection and Report through their Property Manager)