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Inspections & Reports

Get to Know Your Rainwater Harvesting System!



Water Tank Techs offers a full Rainwater Harvesting System Condition Report that covers the following:

  • Water Quality
  • Water Tank Integrity
  • Pump Operational Capacity and Condition
  • Pre-Tank Water Quality Devices
  • Post-Pump Filtration
  • Installation Components & Pipe Work
  • Overflow Capacity
  • Recommendations


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Why do I Need a Condition Report?

Rainwater Harvesting Systems were installed throughout South East Queensland in response to government rebates and as part of the building code for new homes.  Still very little of us are fully aware of how our system works or basic maintenance tasks.  The Condition Report both informs and educates home owners on how to restore and maintain a rainwater harvesting system to a benchmark standard.


Why Inspect the Whole System?

Your water tank is just one component of a system designed to catch, store, filter and deliver rainwater.  The system comprises the catchment (roof and gutters), pre-tank water quality devices (rain heads and first flush devices), the water tank, the pump and its controller and/or mains water switch, installation components, the tank slab/foundation, the overflow capacity and the appliances to which it is connected.  The condition of one component determines the condition and efficiency of the whole system.

FREE Inspection & Report

Water Tank Techs is offering FREE inspections & Reports of rainwater harvesting systems to all property owners.  Contact Water Tank Techs to make a booking, whether you have an issue with your current system or would just like to know more about how it works.

(Tenants may request a FREE Inspection and Report through their Property Manager)