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Claytech C Series

Pump Review: July 2016

The C Series is a new generation of efficient, reliable pumps from ClayTech Pumps.  This series of pumps offer many advantages over traditional pumps:

  • It is super quiet thanks to a revolutionary water cooled motor.  As no air movement over the pump is required for cooling it can be fully enclosed offering further protection
  • Maintenance is simple with an integrated pre-filter that can be accessed without spanner.
  • Pump performance can be monitored by a user friendly LED Display
  • The unique swivel connection of the automatic pressure controller to the pump means no threading, minimising the potential for leaks
  • Hassle free servicing has also been considered with an easily accessible non-return valve built into the pump. This valve help to keep your pump primed and working efficiently


BlueTron Series
  1. Automatic Pressure Controller with ‘loss of prime’ protection
  2. Quick release, swivel connection
  3. Pre-filter for easy maintenance
  4. Easily accessible, integrated non return valve
  5. Super quiet, water cooled motor
  6. LED Display
BT Series Table