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Claytech BlueTron Series

Pump Review: July 2016

Super reliable, well priced and versatile, The BlueTron range of self priming jet pumps have been a favourite of plumbers, rainwater harvesting system technicians, water tank manufacturers and gardeners for over 20 years.

Features include:

  • Automatic activation and shut down means your pump will turn on with the turn of a tap or flushing of a toilet and turn off when that water is no longer needed
  • Loss of prime protection means your pump will shut off automatically when your tank runs out of water
  • 24 hour restart function searches for tank water each day
  • 2 year warranty

Perfect for a wide variety of rainwater harvesting systems including those plumbed to toilets, washing machine and garden taps (complementary water systems*), garden and external use as well as small whole-of-house installations.

*Mains water switch not included but available as a separate component

BlueTron Series
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