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Water Quality Devices

Clean Water In, Clean Water Out!



Rainwater Harvesting Systems Can Clean Themselves!

  • A minimum of three ‘Filtration Stations’ installed before the water tank are required to minimise the amount of debris that flushes into the water tank
  • Most rainwater harvesting systems have only one; the inlet strainer in the top of the tank

Filtration Stations Include:

  1. Gutter Guard
  2. Rain Heads
  3. First Flush Diverter
  4. Inlet Strainer
  5. UV Light Guard

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Rain Heads

Rain Heads prevent larger debris from entering the water tank.  They are easy to clean and available in a range of styles and sizes.

Find the perfect Rain Head to suit your home and circumstances.


First Flush Diverters

An extraordinary amount of debris from your roof and gutters is concentrated in the first few litres of rainwater that enter your tank.

First Flush Diverters dramatically improve the quality of your rainwater.

Inlet Strainer

The inlet strainer comes as standard with your water tank.  This is the very last Filtration Station before the water enters the tank.  Easy to clean but sometimes hard to reach.

Why not consider a Tank Guardian to make cleaning easy?

UV Light Guards

Many water tanks are full of algae as a result of exposure to sun light.  Algae not only pollutes your fresh rainwater but can contribute to damage to your pump.

A simple light guard that fits under your inlet strainer is a cheap and easy way to solve this problem.

FREE Inspection & Report

Water Tank Techs is offering FREE inspections & Reports of rainwater harvesting systems to all property owners.  Contact Water Tank Techs to make a booking, whether you have an issue with your current system or would just like to know more about how it works.

(Tenants may request a FREE Inspection and Report through their Property Manager)