Rainwater & Water Tank Cleaning Services North Lakes

Water Tank Cleaning

Your rainwater tank fills with sludge and algae over time, tainting your water with colour and odour and damaging your pump and the appliances to which it is connected.

Water Tank Techs will restore your rainwater back to top condition.

Pump Service, Repair & Upgrade

Your pump is a critical component of your rainwater harvesting system.  Make sure it is operating efficiently and to specifications.

Water Quality Devices

There are many simple things you can do to make sure of good clean water entering the water tank.

Clean water in, clean water out!


Post-pump filtration is the final step in guaranteeing only clean, clear water from your water tank.

Find the right filtration for your rainwater harvesting system.

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Thorough Rainwater and Water Tank Cleaning Services in North Lakes

Collecting rainwater is an excellent way to reduce your dependence on city water, lower your utility costs, and protect yourself from water rationing during drought. To ensure the water you collect is suitable for consumption; you need the services of Water Tank Techs. We offer quality and affordable tank cleaning to North Lakes and the surrounding area. The most common factors that necessitate water tank cleaning services in North Lakes is a build-up of sludge at the bottom of the storage container. This sludge is usually a product of vegetation, dirt, building material residue such as clay, and animal waste that has seeped into your container. These contaminants can be hazardous to your health and must be dealt with in before you can consume the water you have collected. Rainwater tank cleaning in North Lakes is an involved process. We cannot merely drain the water and run a sponge over the interior of the harvesting system. To ensure your water is drinkable, and the dirt and grime in your reservoir do not enter your home or office building’s water delivery system, we recommend comprehensive water tank cleaning in North Lakes. Gunk in your water tank is bad enough, but if it gets in your pipes, it can damage the whole system, which is costly to repair both in terms of time and money.

On-Site Inspection and Water Tank Cleaning in North Lakes

With over ten years’ experience of water tank cleaning services in North Lakes, Water Tank Techs has the skills and experience you need to ensure your water collection system continues to run smoothly. During our on-site inspection, we perform a comprehensive diagnosis of your system, checking each component for damage or inefficiencies. Your water harvesting system comprises many different elements including the roof and gutters, pre-tank quality devices such as gutter mesh, strainers, and inlet diverters. These elements act as filters for the rainwater as it enters your tank, and regular cleaning is a must to ensure they function properly and provide you with clean and drinkable water. During our inspection we also check the foundation of your storage container, looking for sunken areas that can collapse; pump suction and performance; after pump filtration; and the appliances connected to the system. We strive to provide you with nothing but the best possible reservoir maintenance in North Lakes. When we are finished with the inspection, we set to work clearing the system. We clear out the catchment, clean or replace filters, and run clean water through the pump to flush out any unwanted debris. The process usually does not take more than a few hours, but there are always exceptions depending on the scope of the job Professional Service with a Smile We have extensive experience in the industry and focus on customer satisfaction. We want you to be able to take full advantage of your rainwater collection system and are always happy to answer questions about our products and services. When you need water tank cleaning in North Lakes, schedule a consultation with Water Tank Techs.

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