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Water Tank Cleaning

Your rainwater tank fills with sludge and algae over time, tainting your water with colour and odour and damaging your pump and the appliances to which it is connected.

Water Tank Techs will restore your rainwater back to top condition.

Pump Service, Repair & Upgrade

Your pump is a critical component of your rainwater harvesting system.  Make sure it is operating efficiently and to specifications.

Water Quality Devices

There are many simple things you can do to make sure of good clean water entering the water tank.

Clean water in, clean water out!


Post-pump filtration is the final step in guaranteeing only clean, clear water from your water tank.

Find the right filtration for your rainwater harvesting system.

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Understanding your rainwater tank—and cleaning it—in Warner

Rainwater tank systems are becoming more popular, especially in areas like Warner where water can be scarce. The benefits are undeniable—but what exactly are rainwater tanks? If you want to get a clearer picture of your water tank, or even if you’re considering installing one, this article will walk you through some of the ins and outs of rainwater system functioning and maintenance.

Knowing your rainwater tank

The first thing you need to know is why a rainwater tank system might be a good idea. On a very basic level, rainwater tanks collect rainwater and filter it. When the filtration process is complete, the water is not only potable but often cleaner and fresher than the water you usually get from your tap. Rainwater systems are attractive to decrease water bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and protect against water restrictions.

Water tank services that rely on rainfall are becoming quite a movement. The system, however, is complicated enough that most users don’t have a clear grasp on what their system is doing. Water tanks that filter rainfall begin with your roof and gutters. Water collected there is run through many filters, which can include mesh filters, light guards, first flush diverters, and rain heads. The filtered water then runs to the tank, where it is carried through a suction line and a delivery line. The water is filtered again, then sent to the devices you use to receive it (like your garden tap).

One of the most important things to remember when thinking about water tank maintenance is that your tank is part of this elaborate system. Because the water tank relies on so many other devices, cleaning just one part of your water tank system won’t be enough to keep your water clean and fresh. For your water system to be a success, you’ll need to clean and maintain your roof and gutters, gutter mesh, the tank pad where your tank is sitting, the tank itself, the delivery pump, the post-pump filtration, and the fixtures where you get your water—quite a list!

While keeping up with all these devices may seem overwhelming, the headache doesn’t have to be yours alone. Luckily, there are companies—even Warner local ones—that will handle your rainwater tank cleaning and take care of the other necessary services for you.

Water tank cleaning and other services in Warner

Looking for a water tank cleaning and maintenance service seem as confusing as dealing with the tank itself, but in fact, tank cleaners make it relatively easy. Your cleaners should offer holistic services that cover the entire tank system, from gutters to taps, and offer advice on how to keep your tank running smoothly.

When you have your tank cleaned, a company representative will come out to your rainwater tank and offer you an on-site inspection, with cleaning recommendations. In many cases, as with Rain Water Techs in Warner, the company will even take care of all your cleaning for you and advise other professionals (like plumbers) if they need to get involved. If you want to save the environment and save yourself a few dollars at the same time, go ahead and make the call—cleaning your rainwater tank is a great investment for the future.

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