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Water Tank Cleaning

Your rainwater tank fills with sludge and algae over time, tainting your water with colour and odour and damaging your pump and the appliances to which it is connected.

Water Tank Techs will restore your rainwater back to top condition.

Pump Service, Repair & Upgrade

Your pump is a critical component of your rainwater harvesting system.  Make sure it is operating efficiently and to specifications.

Water Quality Devices

There are many simple things you can do to make sure of good clean water entering the water tank.

Clean water in, clean water out!


Post-pump filtration is the final step in guaranteeing only clean, clear water from your water tank.

Find the right filtration for your rainwater harvesting system.

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Quality Water Tank and Water Pump Repair Service in North Lakes

When it comes to your rainwater collection system, your water pump is one of the most essential components, and that is why you need a reliable company in North Lakes that can repair it when it becomes damaged.

Your pump is the device which moves the water from your reservoir to the appliances attached to it. When it malfunctions, the rainwater you have harvested will sit unused in your tank. We offer repairs for a variety of pumps in the North Lakes area.

How do you know if you need water pump repair service in North Lakes? There are a few signs you can look for if you suspect something is wrong. A strong odour often accompanies malfunctioning water pumps, as does decreased pressure and flow. Another indication of a broken pump is that it makes a humming sound but does not activate. The most common cause of this issue is a depleted capacitor. Depleted capacitors are relatively easy to fix, especially by a trained electrician.

A burnt-out motor is another reason you might need water pump repair in North Lakes. When this happens, your pump will not function at all, and the best solution is full replacement with a Claytech pump from Clayton Engineering.

If you think you need water pump repairs in North Lakes, do not hesitate to call Water Tank Techs. We perform comprehensive maintenance and restoration.

Full-Service Water Pump Repairs in North Lakes

Why buy a new pump when you can have a professional fix the one you already have? When we perform water pump repair in North Lakes, you can rest assured we give you the complete treatment. We can fix motors, electrical issues, suction line issues, loosened hose attachments, and more. We have an in-depth understanding of how your rainwater collection and distribution system works, and we can quickly identify and take care of a variety of issues it faces. Our qualified personnel understand you expect nothing but the best, and that is what we aim to deliver on every job. During our process, we inform you of what we are doing every step of the way. We want you to be as informed as possible, so you understand exactly the quality of services you get when you choose us to fix your system.

Tomorrow’s Pumps Today

We can resolve nearly any issue you are having with your distribution system, but occasionally you will need to replace your current equipment. When that time comes, we recommend a pump from Clayton engineering.

The C-Series offers several advantages including, smaller size with increased power, the run-dry protection to keep your device safe when there is no water for it to move, a sealed water-cooled motor that makes for quieter sounds when it is in operation, and easy leak detection thanks to its visible flow wheel. Whether you are looking for a new pump, or the best water pump repair service in North Lakes, speak with a friendly staff member at Water Tank Techs. Water storage and delivery systems are our passion.

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